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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition

On March 31, 2016, the SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition is being discontinued as a paid Volume Licensing program offering and instead, will be made available as part of the free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program.

SQL Server Developer Edition license offerings will no longer be sold in Volume Licensing and starting April 1, 2016, the software can be downloaded at the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Software Assurance

The ‘for SA’ SKUs represent a Dynamics AX pricing benefit that is available to customers who own perpetual licenses with Software Assurance (SA) in an Enterprise Agreement (EA). If you have Microsoft Dynamics AX CALs covered by active SA, you will be able to add access to Microsoft Dynamics AX by acquiring the SL for SA licenses, thus protecting your on-premises investments in Microsoft licensing, and permitting you to maintain non-perpetual rights to online service for the duration of your service agreement.


Microsoft SharePoint Online Plan 2 and OneDrive for Business Plan 2 price increase

Starting March 1st, 2016 the pricing for SharePoint Online Plan 2 and OneDrive for Business Plan 2 will increase by 25% per user per month.

Microsoft periodically evaluates its pricing to ensure it reflects the value of each offering to their customers. This price increase reflects notable additional value being delivered to the OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online plans.


Microsoft Office 365 E5 Add-on Step Up

Existing Office 365 Add-on customers can transition to Office 365 E5 mid-term of their Enterprise Agreement (EA). The use of the E3/E4 Add-on Step Up will convert their existing E3/E4 Licensing Add-on position to an E5 Add-on. The price of the step up results from the difference between the price of the license they have now vs. the price of the license they are upgrading to.


Microsoft Dynamics AX Public Cloud offer

Microsoft is introducing the Microsoft Dynamics AX offer for Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) and education.  This is the first Public Cloud offer for Dynamics AX.  Microsoft Dynamics AX has a simple transparent pricing model.  The per user per month model is easy to understand and is inclusive of infrastructure.  Simply choose one of the four User Subscription License (USL) based on the functionality required.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Online Services Transitions Retirement

As part of ongoing efforts to simplify licensing and respond to partner and customer feedback, Transitions were retired from the Enterprise Agreement program in November 2015. Online Services Add-ons, which recognize customer investments in on-premises licensing, are the recommended path for customers interested in licensing Online Services during their agreement term.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015 Price Increase in Service Provider Licensing Agreement

Microsoft will increase Visual Studio Professional monthly subscription prices to properly establish Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) prices relative to Visual Studio Professional monthly subscription prices in other Volume Licensing programs.  Beginning January 1, 2016 there will be a 68% price increase for Visual Studio Professional monthly subscription prices in Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA).