Microsoft Office 365 K1 Plan Updates

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Microsoft announced some additions to the components of the Microsoft Office 365 K1 plan. In the coming weeks K1 users can expect to get access to this new set of capabilities:

  • Microsoft StaffHub
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Skype for Business presence and instant messaging
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Office 365 Video
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow.

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Microsoft Office 365 License Management

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Microsoft announces that Microsoft Azure Active Directory group-based license management for Office 365 is now in public preview. This will offer two new services: firstly, you can assign a license template to an Azure Active Directory security group and then as users join and leave the group, licenses are automatically assigned and removed. Secondly, you will be able to selectively disable components in product licenses so that you can do a phased roll-out of the services of Office 365 E5 for example.

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Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio Cloud Add-on Promotion

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Until June 30, 2017, Microsoft offers up to 30 % discount on Microsoft Project Online Professional Add-on for Office 365 and Microsoft Visio Professional Add-on for Office 365. This offer is valid for existing and renewing agreements. For each Add-on license, there has to be an existing license with Software Assurance (SA) for Microsoft Project Standard or Microsoft Visio Standard in place. The number of Add-on licenses may not exceed the number of existing Microsoft Project Standard or Microsoft Visio Standard licenses.

This offer is available in the programs Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS), Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), Open Value (OV), Open Value Subscription (OVS) and Worldwide Government Partner (WWGP).


Microsoft MyAnalytics


Microsoft introduces Microsoft MyAnalytics for personal analytics in Office 365, formerly known as Microsoft Delve Analytics. Microsoft MyAnalytics helps you focus on what matters most by providing personalized insights about how you spend your time at work. In addition to the capabilities that had been available in Microsoft Delve Analytics, Microsoft MyAnalytics will allow you to stay up-to-date with important contacts, share key metrics with a coach and help you prioritize the time you spend with different groups.

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Microsoft Cloud Germany Promotional Offer


Microsoft announced the general availability of the first Azure services available from two new regions in Germany: Germany Central (Frankfurt) and Germany Northeast (Magdeburg). This marks the beginning of Microsoft cloud services available from local datacenters in Germany, and these two regions ensure business continuity, as well as meeting many customer data residency requirements.

Customers in the European Union and European Free Trade Association (EU/EFTA) can choose whether to continue using Microsoft Cloud Europe and United Kingdom regions or to separately purchase the services from German datacenters where access to their data will be controlled by a German data trustee under German law.

A new or renewing Enterprise Agreement (EA) customer who purchases at least 83 Azure Monetary Commitment units prior to December 31, 2016, will be eligible to receive a one-time Azure Monetary Commitment credit equal to up to 25 percent of the Azure Monetary Commitment the customer consumed during the first four months of the agreement term from Microsoft Cloud Germany.

Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing


Beginning September 1st, 2016, Office 365 Skype for Business Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Conferencing will be available in all Open Programs (Open License, Open Value and Open Value Subscription). In addition, Microsoft will be adding the offer to the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). Purchase of the product allows users to dial-in a number to join Skype meetings, or dial-out to bring participants into the meeting. There are base pre-requisites required to purchase this offering.

Microsoft Office 365 Plan E5


Microsoft Office 365 Plan E5 is the right solution for businesses that need the latest Office with advanced services for meetings, email, file sharing, analytics, compliance, and management features for IT, plus a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX). In addition, the offer will include the Office 365 Skype for Business Conferencing, which enables business users to dial-in a number to join Skype meetings, or dial-out to bring participants into the meeting.