Microsoft Online Services Price Reduction

Microsoft Online Services

To ensure Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) / Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) / Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) and Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)  customers receive the best pricing based on their commitment to Microsoft Online Services, the March 1st 2014 price list reflects a 15% price reduction for Microsoft Intune User Subscription Licenses (USLs), Intune Add-ons, Azure Rights Management Services (RMS), Project Online USLs and Visio Pro for Office 365 USLs and Transitions.

This reduction more closely aligns pricing across Volume Licensing programs for these services and gives customers the flexibility to choose the program that best suits their organizational needs. This new pricing for USLs and Transitions will be available on the March 1st 2014 pricelist, and applies to renewing and net new EA/EAS/MPSA customers. Existing customers will not be eligible for pricing adjustments until renewal.

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