Microsoft Windows Enterprise licensing changes

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Starting March 1, 2014 customers will have the possibility to license Microsoft Windows Enterprise without Software Assurance. However, customers holding Software Assurance only will no longer be entitled to use Windows Enterprise.

In order to get the usage right for Windows Enterprise, the acquisition of an Enterprise Upgrade licence is now generally required.

The following changes will be applicable to customers of the licensing programs Select Plus and Open License:

  • Starting on the validity date of the March 2014 price list, Windows Enterprise Upgrade Licenses can be acquired as a standalone product with or without Software Assurance and therefore Windows Enterprise can be put to use
  • The acquisition of Windows 8 Professional with Software Assurance does not longer permit the use of Windows 8 Enterprise.
  • Simultaneously, the „90-days-SA-right” to license Software Assurance only within a period of 90 days after the acquisition of a OEM license will no longer apply, which means that on top of a Windows Professional OEM license, customers have to acquire a Windows 8 Enterprise Upgrade license  in order to be able to put the Windows Enterprise Edition to use.

Conditions for customers of the licensing programs Enterprise Agreement and Open Value will remain unchanged as these programs always required an Upgrade license with Software Assurance.

All known Software Assurance benefits for the Windows desktop operation system will remain linked to Software Assurance, f.i. local virtualization rights, mobil and virtual handling of VDA Roaming Use-Rights, Windows To Go (WTG), Companion Subscription (CSL) and others.

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