Altova® is a software company specializing in tools that assist developers with data management, software and application development, mobile development and data integration.

The creator of XMLSpy® and other award-winning products, Altova is a key player in the software tools industry and the leader in XML solution development tools.

Altova offers a complete line of industrial-strenght products for XML, SQL, and UML software development, cross-platform mobile development, high-performance data processing automation and online project collaboration. With over 4.7 million users worldwide, including 91% of Fortune 500 organizations, Altova is honored to serve clients from small and medium-sized businesses to the world’s largest organizations.

Altova is an active member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Object Management Group (OMG) and is committed to delivering standards-based platform-independent development tools that empower their  customers to create, access, edit and transform information resources. Altova is dedicated to ensuring that their products are powerful, affordable and easy-to-use by their customers in real-world scenarios. For more information please visit

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