The Company started out in 2004 by developing “page flip” flash components for professional web developers. Founded by young innovative software developers, FlippingBook has become a team of professionals eager to deliver value to clients and has accumulated expertize in visualization technology and other areas of digital publishing. Simply, its creed is to develop only useful and quality stuff.

The FlippingBook Publisher software is the essence of the company’s knowledge:

Master digital publishing with solid creativity.

  • Create a powerful digital publication from any document
  • Customize look and feel for a consistent brand image
  • Choose from a wide range of features for your publication
  • Impress everyone with a professional look

Professionals’ Choice

Many professional software products exist for designing magazines, building catalogues, writing documents and books, and presenting reports. FlippingBook Publisher makes your professionally created content look perfect on any desktop computer or mobile device.

All you need is a document in printable format. Once you publish it with FlippingBook, phrases like “can’t open”, “bad zooming”, and “too much time to download” become a thing of the past. You’ll become used to hearing “awesome magazine”, “convenient catalogue”, and “brilliant presentation” instead.

Moreover, your content makes a bigger impression if it has a beautiful skin or contains video or sound. Many useful tools will also help you to create convenient navigation inside the publication and add web links to external resources.

Publish anywhere! Embedded in websites, in the Cloud, CD/DVD, flash drive, social networks, e-mailing, mobile apps, or QR code: Each page can be shared separately!

Engage more readers! Are your readers still dowloading PDFs from your site? Take advantage of FlippingBook technology and your audience will feel the difference.

Save your time! One-click publication renewal using the built-in FTP client saves you time. Avoid hosting headaches with our Cloud.

Analyze efficiently! Wondering how much visitors have looked at page 257 of your catalogue? From which pages they leave the most? Answer = FlippingBook + Google Analytics.

Sophisticated Technology

Digital Publishing can be a pain in the neck. Professional digital publishing certainly is. It is very easy to spend a lot of time and money creating supposedly high quality custom digital content with disappointing results.

FlippingBook Publisher software will become your best companion, saving you time and money, and letting you enjoy a quality result.

Smart zooming for text blocks – Open a FlippingBook publication on your smartphone and double tap any text block. It will fit the screen. Awesome.

Download to native mobile app – When a publication is opened on a mobile device, you will be offered to install an app for convenient offline reading.

Embed shopping cart in your catalogue – Let your visitors add items to their shopping cart directly from the pages of your digital catalogue.

Publish over 2000 pages at once – Fast converter for publishers and background page downloading for readers. Its Cloud speeds it up!

 If you are interested in purchasing FlippingBook software  from SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT, please call us on +352 26710359 or contact us for a price quotation.

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