The Mindjet solutions permit the visual linking of ideas, information and people; they guarantee time saving through cooperation, improve business processes and enhance innovation.

Mindjet is the only company that combines a visual productivity application (MindMapping) and a comprehensive platform for cooperation. Thus you can efficiently array complex ideas and processes and keep things clear and orderly. Ideas will become facts! Whether you are leading distribution processes, managing projects, elaborating strategic planning, organizing brainstorm meetings or simply trying to tame the chaos: with Mindjet you can cope with all business-related and personal productivity challenges.

 More than 1.5 million users and over 85 percent of all Fortune 500 companies already use MindManager and increase the productivity and efficiency of their teams. Surveys in several industry sectors have proved Mindjet to increase productivity by up to 25 percent as it makes meetings, daily communication and project management much more efficient.  Mindjet’s software and  web-based solutions cover the world’s leading visual productivity application, collective access to documents and data, secure workplaces and web meetings.

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