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The Experts in Licensing.
Trusted by hundreds of organizations.

Every organization uses software. Taking care of all software within your business can be challenging.

Involve Software Licensing Experts who consult you and purchase online services and software for you. Become more efficient and save lots of money and time while gaining control and transparency.

We are the experts in licensing. We provide you with free licensing consultancy and deliver you all software available on the open market. Optionally, we transparently manage your software portfolio with our Managed SAM Services.

Get the right licenses in the right licensing program and at the best conditions today.

Our Business Units

Your One-Stop-Shop.

Our Customers

We empower organizations.

We support large multinational corporations and medium sized companies from all sectors in Europe and all over the world.

We are experienced in handling the most complex agreements with ten thousands of users in almost 100 countries. 

Headquartered in Luxembourg, we are proud to support most of Luxembourg’s government, ministries, public administrations, communes and organizations in healthcare, transportation, finance, and communication.

Our Work Ethic

You are our main priority.

We have a customer-centric work methodology.

Out of the many possible licensing options we define the best scenarios for your financial, technological, and strategic targets.

With our detailed simulations for alternative licensing models, license consolidation and total cost savings, we find the optimum licensing solution for you.

Our Team

Highly skilled. Experienced. Certified.

Our centralized team of highly skilled and certified experts headquartered in Luxembourg has a combined experience in software licensing and online services of way more than 100 years.

Benefit from our exceptional customer service. Our friendly team takes the time to understand your unique needs and work closely with you to find the best licensing solution for your individual case.

Our Locations

Luxembourg. Belgium. Germany.

In addition to our team in Luxembourg (headquarters) we also have local consultants in Belgium and Germany.

Our Languages

Let's talk. In every language you want.

We do not only speak English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Polish and Dutch, we also speak “licensing” in a concise manner to enable you to make the right decisions when it comes to online services, software licenses and their management.

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Languages: English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Polish, Dutch, "Licensing"

Our Key Figures

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Microsoft Licensing Partner in Luxembourg
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Microsoft Licensing Partner in Luxembourg
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Kickstart your Office.

Microsoft Software Advisor for Enterprise Agreements (EA)

We are your first choice for Microsoft Enterprise Agreements. As LSP.

As the no. 1 Microsoft licensing partner in Luxembourg, we are the first choice as Software Advisor of your Enterprise Agreement (EA).

We are the first Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) headquartered in Luxembourg and manage hundreds of Enterprise Enrollments in the commercial sector and for governmental institutions with a multitude of 100.000 users worldwide.

As part of our services as your Software Advisor, we offer best in class licensing advice, unlimited optimization simulations and provide you with expert answers to all your licensing questions.

We are the Microsoft partner with the highest skilled licensing experts in Luxembourg. We know the ever-changing licensing terms and have the deepest insight into the market.

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Microsoft Licensing Partner in Luxembourg
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Enterprise Agreements
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Microsoft users

Microsoft Online Services & Software Reselling

Every Microsoft licensing program.
At the best conditions.

We are the best choice for all other Microsoft licensing programs:

With our unique license optimization approach, we compare all available options to provide you with the best combination of online services and software targeted to your exact requirements.

Since we source directly from Microsoft, we resell at advantageous conditions.

Microsoft Azure

We are the Azure experts.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and an online portal with more than 200 products and cloud services

It allows you to access and manage all your cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft. 

Azure offers a large collection of services, which includes platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and managed database service capabilities.

We transparently resell and invoice all Azure services.

Our certified Azure experts optimize your Microsoft Azure environment for you to get the best value from your Azure services.


Combine software vendors.
Leverage synergies.

While most companies use standard software like Microsoft 365, they also rely on a multivendor approach of software publishers to address their specific online services and software requirements.

We cover it all: Microsoft and multivendor consultancy with online services and software license delivery.

We provide you with all online services and software available on the open market.

We transact hundreds of different software brands every year, based on international sourcing.

Managed Software Asset Management (SAM) Services

All-inclusive Services.
For your whole software portfolio.

With our Managed SAM Services, we transparently manage your software portfolio. Our well-established SAM Framework combines organizational, technological, and contractual aspects in an integrated approach.

With our first-class all-inclusive Managed SAM Services, you will

  • save your time as we relieve you from the management of your software portfolio to focus on your core business
  • save your money through the optimization of your total cost of ownership and efficient management of your online services and software licenses
  • gain full transparency and control over your software and online services assets.

Licensing is a very complex field with a high financial impact.

While you can buy software from any of the big software providers, you need software licensing experts like SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT who optimize your software portfolio for you.

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT provides organizations with the right licenses in the right licensing program and at the best conditions.

This way, your investment is solid, and your team works efficiently.


Always up-to-date.
Always free.

The SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Update informs you about the latest licensing news from the top vendors. We choose the content carefully to provide you with the best possible added value. You get information about new software products and online services as well as major changes in the licensing terms. You benefit from relevant promotions and news about our company and our services.

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Be a part of something great.

We are open to growing our truly diverse international expert team.

We are convinced that we can only develop as quickly as the people themselves develop within our company. You will get plenty of room to use your strengths, skills and capabilities, and contribute to the success of our customers. We continuously improve our efficiency and maintain our first-class reputation.


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