Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams: AI integration

Since June 5, 2024, AI Assistant is integrated into Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams. AI Assistant capabilities within Microsoft Teams come with the newly released AI Assistant Add-on.


What is Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams?

Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams, also known as Acrobat for Teams, is a robust tool designed to facilitate PDF management within Microsoft Teams. Here is how it can transform your workflow:

  • Free Features: Once enabled by your Microsoft Teams admin, you and your colleagues can enjoy free features like adding comments, sticky notes, highlights, and drawings to PDFs.
  • Advanced Capabilities with Acrobat Standard or Pro: By logging into your Acrobat Standard or Pro account, you gain the ability to edit, combine, protect, export, and organize PDFs right within Teams.
  • AI Assistant Add-On: Quickly derive insights from documents, create new content, and delegate tasks to meeting participants – now also in Microsoft Teams. Read more about AI Assistant for Acrobat.

  • Collaborative Environment: Integration with Microsoft Teams enables multiple users to comment on and annotate PDFs stored in Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive seamlessly.
  • Secure Document Handling: Transient documents are securely stored on Adobe Document Cloud servers, while the final versions are kept in Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive.
  • Seamless Integration: The system is integrated with Azure Active Directory, supporting single sign-on for a streamlined experience.


Features and Comparison

The following comparison of Teams’ built-in PDF reader and Acrobat for Teams shows the superiority of this new solution:

Features Microsoft Teams’ built-in PDF reader Acrobat for Teams: Free Acrobat functionality, or no Acrobat account, with or without user sign-in Acrobat for Teams: Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro with user sign-in
Enable Acrobat as default PDF reader—Admin action required. X X
View PDFs—View recent files, pan, zoom, and search. Use two-page view, full screen, presentation mode, and rotate pages. Comment, annotate, and highlight personal PDFs.


(Basic viewing functionality only)

Generate insights—Use AI Assistant to gain document insights & create summaries, Teams meeting notes, and new content.


(AI Assistant license & sign-in required)


(AI Assistant license & sign-in required)

Collaborate efficiently—Add and consolidate comments on a single, shared document with sticky notes. Notify others with @mentions. Highlight, content and draw. X X
Edit text and images—Add, edit, or format text. Change fonts, styles, sizes, and colors. Insert, resize, and align images. X X
Export PDFs—Convert PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and RTF formats. X
Organize PDFs—Insert, delete, extract, reposition, rotate, and replace pages in a PDF. X
Compress PDFs—Reduce the size of PDFs for easy sharing. X
Protect PDFs—Add a password to protect your PDF. X
Provide Accessibility—Accessibility is built-in with read aloud, keyboard alternatives to mouse actions, and high-contrast features. X X



Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams is licensed with both free and premium features. To access the premium features, users need to have an existing Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro subscription.


Are you interested in Acrobat for Teams?

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