Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Adobe announced the next generation of Creative Cloud with updates across all of Creative Cloud – its desktop apps, mobile apps and all its services.

There are five brand new apps coming to Creative Cloud across design, video and photography, a brand new photography service and 3 new photography offerings, plus major updates to all the existing Creative Cloud apps on Desktop and Mobile and the Creative Cloud Community and Marketplace.

New design apps:

  • Adobe XD, the end to end UX/UI design app
  • Adobe Dimension, makes 3D simple for graphic designers
  • Adobe Spark, now with premium features allows creation of graphics, web pages and video stories in minutes

New video app:

  • Adobe Character Animator, brings 2D puppets to life

New photography app:

  • Lightroom CC, all new cloud-based photography service.

A few examples of the app updates across Creative Cloud include a reimagined experience around brushes in Photoshop, including a completely new interface for organizing, finding and using brushes. There is a new “brush smoothing” feature in Photoshop as well, that makes it simple to create smooth lines and curves. In Illustrator, Adobe has added a new context aware Property Inspector. It intelligently shows the most relevant properties and settings for colors, fonts and more — eliminating the need to open multiple panels — making it faster for pro users, and easier for new users. And Adobe has made the Illustrator start-up time 30% faster.

For more information about these exciting new and updated apps and what they mean for you, please visit:

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