Anaconda Partner: AI & Data Science solutions

Recently, SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT has partnered with Anaconda, a leading software developer specializing in data science, AI-powered solutions, and machine learning solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance data analytics capabilities and provide organizations with state-of-the-art technology.



About Anaconda

Anaconda is a pioneer in data science and machine learning, offering a range of tools and platforms designed to simplify the development and deployment of data-driven solutions. With a focus on innovation and digital transformation, Anaconda has become a trusted partner for businesses across various industries, with 35 million users worldwide.


What Anaconda Offers

Anaconda offers several solutions tailored to the needs of data professionals and organizations:

  • Data Science & AI Platform: Anaconda provides a robust platform for collaboration, deployment, and scalability. Teams can work seamlessly on data science projects, ensuring efficient collaboration and streamlined workflows.
  • Team Notebooks: Designed specifically for teams and enterprises, Team Notebooks allow collaborative coding, documentation, and knowledge sharing. Teams can create, edit, and execute Jupyter notebooks together, fostering productivity and knowledge exchange.
  • Professional Services: Anaconda offers specialized services for practitioners, including training, consulting, and support. Whether it’s optimizing workflows, implementing best practices, or troubleshooting, Anaconda’s professional services cater to the unique needs of data professionals.
  • Anaconda Distribution for Python: This is the world’s most popular Python/R distribution. It’s available for free and includes essential data science libraries, tools, and environments. Practitioners can jumpstart their projects with Anaconda’s pre-configured distribution.
  • Anaconda Navigator: A user-friendly desktop application, Navigator simplifies launching data science applications. It provides an intuitive interface for managing environments, packages, and projects, making it easier for practitioners to focus on their work.
  • Anaconda Cloud Suite: For building and deploying AI and data science applications, Anaconda Cloud Suite offers a powerful set of tools. From model deployment to managing dependencies, this suite ensures smooth transitions from development to production.
  • Anaconda Notebooks: With Anaconda Notebooks, practitioners can start coding immediately. These interactive notebooks support Python, R, and other languages, allowing data exploration, visualization, and analysis in a collaborative environment.
  • Anaconda Toolbox for Excel: Enhance Python capabilities within Excel using Anaconda Toolbox. It bridges the gap between spreadsheet analysis and powerful Python libraries, enabling practitioners to leverage Python’s full potential directly in Excel.

…and more interesting solutions.


Key Benefits of the Partnership

As a partner of Anaconda, SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT aims to provide unparalleled value to its clients by leveraging Anaconda’s advanced technologies and expertise. Through this partnership, organizations can enjoy:

  • Enhanced Data Analytics Capabilities: Access to Anaconda’s tools empowers your organization to extract valuable insights from their data, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Streamlined Development Processes: Anaconda’s platforms streamline the development lifecycle, enabling your organization to accelerate the time-to-market for data science projects.
  • Comprehensive Support and Licensing Advice: SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT is dedicated to offering exceptional support, expert licensing advice and excellent pricing, ensuring that you maximize the potential of Anaconda’s solutions and achieve your business objectives.


More Information

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