Aspera is now USU

Effective January 28, 2021, USU subsidiary Aspera now operates under the single brand name, USU. Aspera is a highly specialized provider of software asset management solutions.

USU is the global leading software and service provider for IT and customer service solutions. By merging its five independent divisions and subsidiaries into a single global brand, USU combines employee know-how, technology and partner expertise within a networked service ecosystem.

With the brand update to USU, the customer’s contacts or account manager remain the same. Aspera’s product and solution portfolio will remain the same and be further developed as planned by the existing product, development, and consulting teams under the USU brand.

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT and USU remain close partners in providing their customers with the optimal Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. SAM is the business strategy for maximizing savings and assuring compliance by actively controlling the purchase, utilization, and deployment of software licenses and Online Services (OLS).

The SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Framework SAM Managed Service uses USU (formerly Aspera) software and is the sophisticated and efficient method, which guides you step-by-step to your optimal SAM implementation.

Feel free to contact us for further information on how to make use of the SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Framework SAM Managed Service for considerable budget savings and your optimal licensing portfolio.

For an overview of USU Software Asset Management (SAM), please visit:

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