Business Aligned Software Asset Management (SAM)

Engaging stakeholders is the key to a successful SAM strategy. Create awareness by involving them in your SAM activities to reduce risks, costs and compliance errors, while increasing speed and efficiency.

In USU’s recent white paper, you will learn how to build relationships and secure the stakeholders’ support, as well as how to keep them engaged in the long-term process.

This white paper explains:

  • Why working with stakeholders is essential for a complete SAM picture
  • When to get stakeholders involved in your SAM initiative
  • How to build relationships with stakeholders and secure their support
  • How to keep stakeholders engaged with SAM in the long term

With the SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Managed SAM Services, we always look at the global picture. We identify the individual stakeholders within your organization and precisely define the Roles and Responsibilities. While we actively manage your software assets, we significantly reduce your effort and align your SAM goals to your business goals.

We provide you with reports, analyses, and in-depth recommendations tailored to every group of stakeholders within your company. Through our powerful dashboards you get exactly the information you need.

Please contact us for more information and a demo of the SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Managed SAM Services.

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