Autodesk License Compliance Worldwide Initiative

Please be aware that Autodesk is currently contacting customers who, according to their records, have been identified as overusing their entitlements.

Details of this global initiative:

  • Customers will first be contacted via an automated Autodesk email entitled “Action Required: Autodesk Software License Review”.
  • Autodesk will identify the customers’ overuse and ask them to remedy the situation through the purchase of additional one-year licenses, according to the identified gap.
  • Customers who have not yet purchased additional licenses after 10 business days will then be contacted by Autodesk License Compliance.
  • The email will also offer a link to this FAQ document:

Please reach out to SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT if you are affected by this. As your Autodesk Partner, we will support you in clarifying the situation and will provide you with the necessary licenses.