Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2016 Release

This Spring will be a minor release for Dynamics CRM Online, introducing great new functionality for customers, with a focus on bringing some of the recently acquired services fully into Microsoft.

To take advantage of any of the new capabilities, customers will need to be running on the latest version of CRM Online. Additionally, there are no dual use rights associated with Mobile Offline, Project Service or Field Service as there is no on premises capability available. All of these services are set up as add-ons as part of the spring release, so a customer will need to have an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pro deployment.


Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Royalty Dynamics CRM On-Premises Price Increase

In an effort to better align Dynamics CRM On-Premises total cost of ownership with Dynamics CRM Online total cost of ownership, On-Premises pricing in Independent Software Vendor Royalty (ISV-R) will increase January 1, 2016.

Beginning January 1, 2016 there will be a 10% price increase for Dynamics CRM Servers and Device CALs, while User CALs will experience a 25% price increase in ISV-R.