CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 available with promotional pricing

Effective September 28, 2021 until March 8, 2022, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021, a collection of versatile design and drafting applications, was available with promotional upgrade pricing of more than 47% off for perpetual licenses.

As CorelDRAW Technical Suite’s purchasing options are changing, in the future users will be able to choose from a full perpetual license with maintenance or a subscription.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 offers the following features:

  • An all-in-one suite for visual technical communication: Create everything from precise technical illustrations, like assembly instructions and complex schematics. It’s suitable for a broad range of needs from technical illustrators, to drafters, writers and graphics users.
  • Suitable to repurpose key assets: With 3D visualization efficiencies, users can insert 3D models as linked or embedded objects into Corel DESIGNER files for instant access, sharing and reference. CorelDRAW Technical Suite comes with the integrated XVL Studio Corel Edition, and the optional XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition can be added on for advanced 3D CAD assembly formats.
  • Unmatched file format compatibility: Users can enjoy support for the latest file formats widely used in technical publications, including CGM, WebCGM, SVG and 3D PDF, with new interactive possibilities. Import from, and export to, an expansive list of file formats, including EPS, DWG, TIFF, PNG, and JPEG.

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