Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA): The comprehensive Guide [2023]

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As a leading provider of enterprise software, Microsoft offers a wide range of products and services that help companies streamline and simplify their business processes. One of Microsoft’s key offerings is the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), which allows companies to license and use Microsoft products on a large scale.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and explain how it can help your organization improve its IT infrastructure while saving money.


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What is the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a licensing agreement that gives businesses access to a wide range of Microsoft products and services. Under the Enterprise Agreement, organizations can purchase a specified number of licenses for Microsoft products for which fees are paid based on the number and type of licenses. These licenses can be used over the prescribed period of time.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a flexible option for companies that require a large number of licenses. It provides an easy way to manage and optimize the licensing and support of Microsoft products.

The program allows companies to purchase all the Microsoft products and services they need at a reduced price, and also provides centralized administration and simplification of license management.

What products can be licensed through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?

A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement allows licensing of a wide range of Microsoft products, including products from the Microsoft 365 family, servers and developer tools. The exact products and services available may vary by agreement type and region.

What types of licensing options are there in the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) program?

The EA program is divided into several options that address different business needs and requirements. These include, for example, the Enterprise Agreement (EA), the Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) and the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES).

Out of these options, the Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) is recommended for large organizations, and the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is recommended for academic institutions.

How does the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) work?

A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a contract that is signed between businesses and Microsoft typically for three years. Companies can purchase additional licenses or scale existing licenses during this time. Companies need to purchase licenses for at least 500 users to be eligible for the agreement.

License fees are paid annually and can be paid in installments. Fees are based on the number of licenses and the products included.


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How can one purchase a Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS)?

Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreements (EAS) are signed between Microsoft and an organization via a third party – a Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP). A Licensing Solution Partner (LSP) is a Microsoft Partner who is named as the Partner of record in Microsoft enterprise licensing deals, such as types of Enterprise Agreements. This Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP) acts as a Software Advisor, consults your organization concerning Microsoft licensing and negotiates with Microsoft to get you the best offer for your EAS.

While there are many registered Microsoft Partners, only few are registered LSPs (such as SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT).

What distinguishes the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement?

Unlike the traditional Enterprise Agreement (EA), the Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) offers even lower annual costs and the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of subscriptions on an annual basis, not only for Online Services, but also for on-premises products.

This ability to grow or downsize supports changes in workforce size and IT requirements. With an EAS you gain access to Microsoft online services and software for as long as you maintain your subscriptions.

What are the benefits of the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement?

  • Best value: Maximize your investment in Microsoft technologies with best pricing and benefits.
    • Get the best savings by deploying a common IT platform across the organization.
    • Minimize upfront costs and budget more effectively by locking in pricing and spreading payments over three years.
  • Flexible: Respond to the changing technological landscape by accessing the latest versions of online services and on-premises software.
    • Meet the unique requirements of your organization based on its size and technology needs.
    • Choose from Microsoft online services, on-premises software, or a mix of both and migrate at your own pace.
    • Access the latest software and technologies with Software Assurance.
  • Manageable: Streamline license management with a single organization-wide agreement.
    • Simplify purchasing with predictable payments via a single agreement for online services and/or software.
    • Manage licenses centrally with online management tools.

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A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement provides a cost-effective and easy way for organizations to acquire and manage Microsoft software licenses. For enterprises, it is recommended to choose a specific type of Enterprise Agreement called “Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS)”. An EAS offers the greatest benefits for organizations licensing 500+ users. Organizations can benefit from discounts and flexibility in licensing and better plan their IT costs.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any further questions or need a Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS), please do not hesitate to contact us for free consultancy as your LSP.




What are the benefits of the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS)?

The Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) provides a cost-effective way for organizations to purchase and manage a large number of Microsoft licenses. It also provides flexibility and centralized management.

Can I purchase Microsoft software licenses under the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) for a small organization?

The EAS is designed for organizations with more than 500 licenses. If you have a small organization, you may be eligible for the Microsoft Open Value License program or buy from a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). To learn more, visit:

How long does the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement run?

The Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) typically runs for three years.

How much can I save by purchasing Microsoft software licenses under the Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS)?

The amount you can save by purchasing Microsoft software licenses under the EAS depends on the size of your organization and the number of licenses you purchase. However, the EAS offers volume discounts and predictable pricing, which can help companies save money on their software licenses.

Who can advise me on how to purchase the best Microsoft licensing program?

Microsoft does not advise companies on how to purchase types of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements. For this purpose, Microsoft has established Microsoft Licensing Solution Providers (LSP). Microsoft LSPs advise companies and optimize their licensing to keep costs down and ensure the optimal product selection in the right licensing program. The leading Microsoft partner in Enterprise Agreements is SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT, whose experts advise you free of charge with their many years of Microsoft licensing expertise, optimize your costs and negotiate the best offer from Microsoft for you.

Where can I find out more about other Microsoft licensing programs?

You can find an overview of all Microsoft licensing programs with their peculiarities, requirements and benefits at