Which types of Microsoft 365 can I buy?

For businesses, there are currently 4 different types of Microsoft 365 for businesses (max. 300 users). These are in ascending order:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

For enterprises, there are 3 different types of Microsoft 365 Enterprise products (301 users and more).

  • Microsoft 365 F3
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5

Besides that, there are many more Microsoft Online Services to increase your organization’s productivity.

What type to choose depends on the size of your organization and needs, and on your requirements of applications.

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For a comparison, please visit: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/business/compare-all-microsoft-365-business-products.