IBM acquires HashiCorp

As announced on April 24, 2024, IBM will acquire HashiCorp, with the transaction expected to close by the end of 2024. This definitive agreement was reached between the boards of directors of IBM and HashiCorp, and is subject to approval by HashiCorp shareholders, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.


What Does This Acquisition Mean?

IBM’s purchase of HashiCorp aligns their shared goals, merging IBM’s resources with HashiCorp’s innovation. HashiCorp’s suite of products provides enterprises with extensive Infrastructure Lifecycle Management and Security Lifecycle Management capabilities to enable organizations to automate their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The integration of HashiCorp’s solutions with IBM and Red Hat will provide clients with a unified platform that streamlines the automation and management of workloads. Red Hat was acquired by IBM in 2019 and will therefore offer integration with HashiCorp. This unified system will support a variety of infrastructures, from large-scale cloud service providers to private and on-premises clouds. This move is set to create an end-to-end hybrid cloud platform that is well-suited for the AI era.


About IBM

IBM, also known as International Business Machines Corporation, is an American multinational technology company with operations in over 175 countries. Founded in 1911, IBM has been a leading force in the technology sector for over a century. The company specializes in a wide range of services and products, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, computer hardware, and software. IBM has a track record of acquiring related companies, with notable recent mentions including HashiCorp, Apptio, Truven Health Analytics, Cleversafe, Aspera and Red Hat.


About HashiCorp

HashiCorp is an American software company established in 2012. It specializes in developing tools for automating cloud infrastructure, particularly for multi-cloud environments. The company offers a range of products that help with provisioning, securing, running, and connecting cloud-computing infrastructure. HashiCorp’s products are designed to support developers, operators, and security professionals in managing complex IT systems.


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