IBM Concert: Control Your Operations with Generative AI Insights

In May 2024, IBM introduced IBM Concert. New technology brings complexity, with applications relying on vast data, numerous dependencies, and hybrid cloud environments. Managing this complexity can be challenging for application owners and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). This is where IBM Concert comes into play. IBM Concert is a generative AI-driven technology automation platform that empowers you to simplify and optimize your operations across various environments.


IBM Concert: Navigating Complexity

IBM Concert provides insights into your application landscape, helping you understand connections, dependencies, gaps, and opportunities within your application architecture. Powered by watsonx, Concert seamlessly integrates with your existing environment and toolsets, enabling real-time data mapping and proactive actions based on recommendations and automations.


How Does IBM Concert Work?

  1. Connect: Start by connecting Concert to your existing supported applications and toolsets. Concert automatically discovers relevant data about your applications’ operations, giving you a holistic understanding of your app ecosystem from the very start.
  2. Deep Dive: Concert’s AI engine delves deep into your application architecture, revealing intricate connections, dependencies, and opportunities.
  3. Recommendations: Concert provides recommendations on everything from deployment locations to security measures. You can then trigger automated actions based on these insights.


The IBM Concert 360 View

After collecting all the data, Concert generates a unified view of your application, allowing you to see the predefined structure of your app. By harnessing generative AI, Concert unlocks new opportunities for optimization and innovation, helping your applications operate at peak performance.


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