Kofax is now Tungsten Automation

Since January 16, 2024, Kofax is named Tungsten Automation. On June 20, 2022, Kofax acquired Tungsten Corporation. As of January 2024, Tungsten Automation announced that the decision to rebrand reflects the evolution of their company and the need for a name that more closely aligns with their present identity, capabilities, and aspirations.


How will the new name affect the products or services I use?

There will be no change or impact to products or services you currently use. Your experience will remain seamless and you will access the solutions using the same URLs and login credentials, as you’ve always done.


How will this affect my current contracts and agreements?

There is no impact on existing contracts. Appropriate evidence showing the new company name will be provided, and the parties will continue to transact on the basis of existing contracts.


More information

For the official press release, please visit: https://www.tungstenautomation.com/about/press-releases/2024/kofax-is-now-tungsten-automation.

For the answers to frequently asked questions, please visit: https://www.tungstenautomation.com/faq

For our software portfolio, please visit: https://www.schneider.im/software/

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