Licensing Strategy

Do you have the best licensing strategy?

Software acquisition, licensing and license management are complex tasks. It is not easy to get  and maintain an overview on software licensing and to find the best solution for the specific needs of your organization.

Volume licensing needs special expertise to get the full potential of all licensing options. The dynamic of the market requires a high degree of know-how in licensing programs, licensing options and contract management.

For large and medium sized businesses of all kinds it is a challenge to find the licensing strategy that fits best to the requirements of the organization and keeps financial and technical aspects in mind.

We optimize your licensing cost and reduce your licensing administration overhead

We will provide you with consultancy for the different licensing models and financing options.

On the basis of your current license situation and your individual business objectives, we carry out a comprehensive and holistic analysis of the optimization possibilities of your software assets and license contract management.

Through simulations we determine the most profitable licensing program and the best combination of licensing options tailored to your needs. We make sure you only have the licenses you really need.

With a tailor made licensing solution we not only reduce your licensing cost but also your administrative overhead.

We give you the security to have compliant licensing at optimal cost and support you with licensing advice, software sales, product recommendations, test versions and with our good relationship to software publishers and our partners.

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