Microsoft Cloud Add-ons available for Project and Visio

Effective March 1, 2016, Cloud Add-ons will be available for Project and Visio customers. Add-ons enable hybrid customer scenarios through enablement of cloud services while retaining the licensing security of their traditional on premise licenses and active Software Assurance.

With Project and Visio Cloud Add-ons, any Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS), Open Value (OV)/Open Value Subscription (OVS) or Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) customer can leverage their existing on-premise Project or Visio licenses as a starting point to get great pricing on Project Online with Project for Office 365, Project for Office 365, Project Online and Visio Pro for Office 365, through an easy Cloud Add-on purchasing model.

With Project and Visio Cloud Add-ons, a customer’s underlying on-premise Licensing position does not change. Customers continue to license their users and devices like they always have, and receive all of their corresponding Software Assurance (SA) benefits—including New Version Rights.

The Project and Visio Cloud Add-ons are available to all new, mid-term/current and renewing Project Professional, Project Standard, Project CAL, Visio Professional and Visio Standard customers. The offer is available to all corporate, and government accounts.

Customers have several options to add cloud services on top of their existing Project and Visio on-premise licenses. The cloud add-ons available to a specific customer is determined by that customer’s underlying license position.


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