Microsoft Cloud for Retail available

Effective February 1, 2022, Microsoft Cloud for Retail is available.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail is an industry-specific cloud for retailers. The offer complements existing retail capabilities by enabling product integration and innovation with newly offered retail-specific integrated support, event management, and friction-free adoption of new product experiences.

For maximizing the value of retail data, capabilities include unified customer profile, shopper and operational analytics, intelligent fraud protection, and retail media.

For elevating the shopping experience, functionalities include real-time personalization, intelligent stores, unified commerce, digital advertising solutions, and seamless customer service.

For building a real-time, sustainable supply chain, capabilities include supply chain visibility, demand planning and optimization​, and flexible fulfillment.

For empowering store associates, functionalities include real-time store communication and collaboration, retail workforce management, process automation, and career development.

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