Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights capabilities added to Sales Enterprise licenses

Effective February 3, 2022, new AI-powered and collaborative digital selling capabilities, previously available only to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Premium customers, are available for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise customers.

Those capabilities are Conversation Intelligence, Lead & Opportunity Scoring and Sales Accelerator.

The capacities now included for Sales Enterprise-licensed users are:

  • Conversation Intelligence: 3 hours per user per month.
  • Lead & Opportunity Scoring: view up to 1500 Leads/Opportunity records scored per environment per month.
  • Sales Accelerator: access to the workspace and up to 1500 records connected to any defined sequence per environment per month.

For additional capacity one needs to upgrade to Sales Premium.

Sales Insights is part of Sales Premium and can also be added onto a Sales Enterprise or Microsoft Relationship Sales solution Plus (MRSs Plus) license. Sales Professional users do not have access to these features.

A full Sales Insights license enables the following additional features: Business Card Scanning, Conversation Intelligence, Lead & Opportunity Scoring, Sales Accelerator, Pipeline intelligence, Predictive forecasting, Notes analysis, Relationship analytics, Connection insights (who knows whom and talking points), Assistant studio.

For the announcement of the added capabilities for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise customers, please visit:

For details of the capacity included and how it compares to a full Sales Insights license, please visit page 24 of the February 2022 Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide:

For more information on Digital selling capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, please visit:

For the overview page of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, please visit:

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