Microsoft EOA, EOP and DLP Online Services as part of the Enterprise CAL Suite

Microsoft CAL SuitesStarting April 1st, 2013 Microsoft will be offering three new cloud-based online services for the Enterprise CAL (eCAL) Suite. These services will be made available for current and new customers of the eCAL Suite. These online services are EOA (Exchange Online Archiving), EOP (Exchange Online Protection) and DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

To successfully provision these new online services, Microsoft is asking for eCAL customers to contact their partner to help determine which environment is required for successful provisioning of the new online services. Once a determination can be made, Partners would then need to submit a manual order with the correct quantity of free SKUs associated for the desired environment. Once the free SKUs have been ordered and processed, customers will receive email communications confirming the successful provisioning of the new online services.

New Online Services:

EOA = Exchange Online Archiving : a cloud-based, enterprise-class online archiving solution for your Exchange Server 2010 or later on-premises deployment.

EOP = Exchange Online Protection: an online email filtering service providing protection for your Exchange Server on-premises deployment. EOP has replaced FOPE (Forefront Online Protection for Exchange).

DLP = Data Loss Protection: DLP helps keep your organization safe from users mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. DLP helps you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis.

Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite


EOA (Exchange Online Archiving) is a cloud-based, enterprise-class online archiving solution for your Exchange Server on-premises organization. EOA provides customers with the following advantages:

  • Email Retention: EOA helps organizations meet long-term retention requirements by allowing them to store large quantities of messaging data off-site.
  • eDiscovery: EOA helps organizations meet existing eDiscovery and litigation hold requirements by enabling them to perform discovery searches across both the on-premises primary mailbox and the cloud-based archive.
  • Lower Storage Costs: EOA helps organizations drive down storage costs by enabling organizations to move historical e-mail data to a cloud-based archive, which results in lower demand for on-premises storage capacity.
  • Anywhere Access: EOA helps organizations provide flexible access by enabling their users access to older messages and content in the archive transparently, without requiring any additional configuration or credentials on their computers. EOP (Exchange Online Protection), a cloud-based email protection service that provides enterprise-class spam and virus filtering.

EOP is the new version of Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE). FOPE will be removed from the pricelist effective April 1st.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is an important issue for enterprise message systems because of the extensive use of email for business critical communication that includes sensitive data. In order to enforce compliance requirements for such data, and manage its use in email, without hindering the productivity of workers, DLP features make managing sensitive data easier than ever before.

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