Microsoft Exchange Server roadmap update

Effective second half of 2025, the new version of Microsoft Exchange Server will be released. Until that time, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 will remain the current version of Exchange Server.

Microsoft initially planned on releasing the next version of Exchange Server in the second half of 2021 via a subscription model, but then changed their plans in March 2021.

Microsoft confirm that the next version of Exchange Server will be licensed Server/Client Access Licenses (CAL) and will only be available to customers with active Software Assurance (SA), similar to the current SharePoint Server and Project Server Subscription Editions. More details on naming, features, requirements, and pricing will follow in the first half of 2024.

It is recommended for all Exchange Server customers to make the move to Exchange Server 2019 as soon as possible. If you already run Exchange Server 2019, Microsoft’s guidance is to always keep your servers up to date.

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