Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum name change and updates

Effective September 15, 2021, a new version of the Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum (formerly called the Microsoft Online Services Data Protection Addendum) is available.

With this new version, several updates have been made to the Microsoft Product Terms. These updates include:

  • Updating all references of “Microsoft Online Services Data Protection Addendum” to “Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum.”
  • Updates to the Privacy & Security (formerly called Online Services Privacy & Security) terms to contemplate software products and non-Microsoft products.
  • Updates to the Azure FTX Filer, SQL Server, Visual Studio Subscriptions, and Windows Server Product-Specific Terms to address data collection, as well as the Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack Hub privacy notices.

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For the Microsoft Data Protection Addendum, please visit:

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