Microsoft program and pricing adjustments

Microsoft announced a series of changes across the program and product portfolio. These changes are to provide unique offers that support customer digital transformation. These changes are linked to offer pricing and discounting.

On October 1st, 2018, Microsoft will adjust pricing for its licensing programs. There will also be price adjustments to on-premises and cloud products. 

October pricing changes will include:

  • Creating a single, steady starting price for all programs aligned to web direct for online services (OLS).
  • Removing the volume discounts (Level A and Open Level C) in:
    • Enterprise Agreement (EA/EA Subscription)
    • Microsoft Products & Services Agreement (MPSA)
    • Select/Select Plus
    • Open Programs (Open License, Open Value, Open Value Subscription)
  • Aligning government pricing for on-premises and online services to the lowest commercial price in:
    • EA/EAS
    • MPSA
    • Select Plus
    • Open Programs
  • Delivering a redesigned Customer Price Sheet that better outlines how a customer’s price was derived. This is for direct EA/EAS only.

In partnership with the pricing revisions, Microsoft will deliver the following changes to the product pricing:

  • Office 2019 commercial prices will rise by 10 percent over the current on-premises pricing.
    • The price increase will include Office Client, Enterprise CAL, Core CAL, and server products.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 offers will be renamed.
    • E3 will now refer to the per-user offer only. Windows 10 Enterprise E3 per user becomes Windows 10 Enterprise E3.
    • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 per Device becomes Windows 10 Enterprise.
    • The price of Windows 10 Enterprise will be raised. This is to match the price of Windows 10 Enterprise E3.
    • Windows 10 Enterprise E5 per device will be discontinued.

For more information about the Microsoft program and pricing adjustments, please visit:

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