Microsoft Project Plan 1 renamed as Planner Plan 1

Microsoft has made an adjustment to its suite of productivity tools, specifically in the project management domain. Project Plan 1, which was previously a standalone offering, has now been rebranded as Planner Plan 1.


What is Planner Plan 1?

  • Planner Plan 1 is designed to simplify project management with its straightforward and visual tools.
  • It allows teams to start quickly, take control of their projects, and collaborate effectively from virtually anywhere.
  • With easy planning and status tracking, it provides a seamless experience for managing tasks and projects.


Why the name change?

  • Microsoft’s goal is to streamline its project management solutions and create a unified experience.
  • By merging the capabilities of Microsoft Planner and the power of Microsoft Project for the web, they aim to enhance collaboration.
  • While Project Plan 3/5 remains associated with the Project desktop app, Planner Plan 1 combines both Planner and Project for web licenses for users.


What does this mean for you?

  • If you’ve been using Project Plan 1, your subscription transitions to Planner Plan 1.
  • Expect a familiar interface that integrates the simplicity of Planner and the robustness of Project for the web.

The transformation from Project Plan 1 to Planner Plan 1 signifies Microsoft’s commitment to providing a cohesive project management experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned project manager or just getting started, this change aims to make your work more efficient and collaborative.


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