Microsoft simplifying the Volume Licensing (VL) invoice delivery and presentment

By the end of February 2024, Microsoft is transforming the invoice and presentment experience for Volume Licensing (VL) customers who receive their invoices directly from Microsoft.


Presentment and delivery changes include the following:

  • Change in invoice-ready email notification: High-level details at a glance are included within the email communication.
  • Direct customers can download the detailed invoice, for non-Azure invoices from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (MAC) portal.
  • Direct customers with Azure overage invoices can download the summary invoice and CSV file for reconciliation, along with the detailed invoice, from the Azure portal.

Please note that invoices from SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT remain unchanged.


More information

For more information about these upcoming changes and in case of any questions, please reach out to SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT.

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