Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence and Parallel Data Warehouse Editions Discontinued

Effective June 1, 2016, the following SQL Server product editions will be discontinued:

SQL Server Business Intelligence Edition

Customers with SQL Server Business Intelligence Licenses with Software Assurance (SA) coverage as of May 1, 2016, which remains active through June 1, 2016 (Qualifying Licenses), are eligible to upgrade to and use SQL Server 2016 Enterprise (Server/CAL) in place of the Business Intelligence Edition (Migration Licenses) subject to Migration Rights terms and conditions in Appendix B of the Product Terms (PT). These customers may also renew SA coverage for SQL Server Enterprise (Server/CAL) subject to those same terms. For customers acquiring licenses under programs with True-up Rights, Business Intelligence edition Licenses acquired after May 1, 2016, in an amount up to 25% of the number of Licenses previously acquired, will be Qualifying Licenses. These Licenses must be acquired during the same enrollment term.

SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Edition and SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse for Developers

Since February 1, 2015, Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) appliance customers have been allowed to use SQL Server Enterprise Core Edition licenses with SA coverage as an option to licensing and running APS appliances. With the discontinuation of the standalone SQL Server PDW license offering on June 1, 2016 PDW customers with active SA coverage will be eligible to upgrade to SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Core Edition software, and the SQL Server Enterprise Core Edition SA benefit becomes the primary license vehicle for PDW software.

Similarly, the standalone SQL Server PDW for Developers software licenses are also being discontinued. Customers licensing APS appliances for development and/or test usage can continue to cover the required PDW software licenses with applicable Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscriptions that include access to SQL Server software.

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