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Effective October 13, 2022, Microsoft SharePoint Syntex is available, which is the first product in the newly introduced collection of content Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, called Microsoft Syntex.

It is a Microsoft 365 service that helps organizations to:

  • Use advanced AI and machine teaching and learning to amplify human experiences
  • Automate content processing
  • Transform content into knowledge.

Microsoft SharePoint Syntex automatically reads, tags, and indexes content and connects it where you need it most. It manages your content throughout its lifecycle, with robust analytics, security, and automated retention.

Microsoft Syntex is an add-on license and requires users also to have a license for Microsoft 365.

The cost of training and running document understanding models is included in the cost of a Syntex license. However, form processing models use AI Builder capacity, for both training and runtime processing. Capacity must be allocated to the Power Apps environment where you will use AI Builder.

For each Syntex license, you are allocated 3500 AI Builder credits per license, per month pooled at the tenant level, with a maximum allocation of 1 million credits per month. This allocation is renewed each month for each active Syntex license. Unused credits don’t roll over from month to month.

Also, effective March 15, 2023, Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Management is available.

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