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Effective September 1, 2022, Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic and Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro replace the Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium offers.

Microsoft Teams Rooms allows you to Teams-enable your conference room, creating the ability to easily join a scheduled conference or start an ad hoc meeting. Licensed or unlicensed users do not need to use any license, if the Teams Rooms Device (formerly known as Common Area Communications Device) is licensed.

The Teams Rooms Basic license replaces Teams Rooms Standard. This license cannot be bought separately anymore but is supplied for free alongside a certified Teams Rooms device. A customer can have up to 25 rooms licensed within their environment. Already paid for subscriptions of Teams Rooms Standard survive until the end of the subscription term. Currently there are no transition plans available for customers who want to stop their Teams Rooms Standard license and do not buy new certified Teams Rooms devices.

The Teams Rooms Pro license replaces Teams Rooms Premium. This license is assigned to the Teams Rooms Device and allows you to still get management by Microsoft. However, by October 2022, Microsoft uses AI powered management instead of the formerly used manual labor management for the devices. Additional to the management, Teams Rooms Pro offers more features compared to the Teams Rooms Basic.

Starting September 1, 2022, one-month free trial offers of Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro and Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro without Audio Conferencing are available for commercial customers via SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT.

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