Microsoft Translator Speech Translation

The Microsoft Translator Speech Translation is the world’s first end-to-end speech translation API. This API adds real-time speech-to-speech (or speech-to-text) translation capabilities to the existing Microsoft Translator Text Translation API.This is the same API that is powering the speech-to-speech capabilities in Skype Translator and the conversation feature of the Microsoft Translator iOS and Android apps. Now, businesses and end users alike can benefit from removing language barriers through speech translation.

The implementations cover two types of API use and integration:

1) Speech-to-speech translation: Two-way speech-to-speech translation is possible for all the supported Microsoft Translator conversation languages.

2) Speech-to-text translation: For scenarios such as webcasts or for business intelligence analysis, developers can translate any of the supported conversation translation languages into any of the supported 50+ text languages.

There are two distinct sets of the Microsoft Translator API for purchase:

Microsoft Translator – Speech Translation

  • Speech-to-speech translation
  • Speech-to-text translation

Microsoft Translator – Text Translation

  • Text-to-text translation
  • Text-to-speech audio output

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