Microsoft Licensing for Academic and Educational Institutions

Microsoft Open License for Academic

An easy, cost-effective way for educational institutions with as few as five computers to license Microsoft software. You simply order the number of licenses you need through an Authorized Education Reseller. Software Assurance and physical installation media are available for additional fees.

Microsoft Select License forĀ Academic

A transactional program ideal for organizations with mixed software requirements and the ability to forecast license needs over a three-year period. Recommended for midsize educational institutions.

Microsoft Select Plus forĀ Academic

Acquire software licenses and services by department or affiliate while realizing volume purchasing advantages as one organization. The agreement never expires and has an optional 36 months of Software Assurance. Recommended for midsize and large educational institutions.

Microsoft Enrollment for Education SolutionsMicrosoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

The Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is available to both primary/secondary and higher education institutions and offers the simplicity of counting people instead of PCs/devices and the flexibility to add additional products in any quantity as needed.

Microsoft School Agreement

The Microsoft School Agreement is for primary/secondary schools and preschools and offers the simplicity of licensing all products organization-wide where you can order any product for a quantity that matches the annual count of your organization’s PCs/devices.

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