Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience Copilot (DAX Copilot) Embedded in Epic available

On January, 18, 2024, Nuance announced the availability of DAX Copilot Embedded in Epic. In Healthcare, this AI-powered system, which is available for full integration into the Epic electronic health record (EHR), automates the creation of clinical documentation during patient exams, reduces administrative tasks, and helps physicians focus on patient care.


DAX Copilot embedded in Epic is the result of a pioneering partnership between Microsoft, Nuance, and Epic to accelerate innovation of conversational, ambient, and generative AI solutions for EHR users to expand care access, enhance provider and patient experiences, and improve healthcare outcomes. The solution securely drafts clinical notes, recording in-office and telehealth patient visits with patient consent directly in Haiku—Epic’s mobile application—and produces a draft note for immediate physician review and completion. This industry-first integration builds on proven DAX ambient AI technology used by thousands of providers.


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