Sloneek: Empowering Hybrid Team HR Management

Streamline HR Operations

Sloneek optimizes human resources (HR) tasks for hybrid teams. It manages employee records, attendance, work hours, and documents seamlessly. Sloneek integrates with platforms like Slack and JIRA for enhanced collaboration.

Sloneek Empowering Hybrid Team HR Management


Informed Decisions and Global Adaptability

With Sloneek’s people analytics, customers get insights into their organization. It empowers customers to make informed decisions and proactively address issues. The platform adapts to diverse teams with country-specific holidays and facilitates connections among colleagues with shared interests.


Free Trial

Explore a 14-day free trial through SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT. This trial provides the opportunity to experience the transformative capabilities of Sloneek, enabling customers to simplify HR processes, enhance operational efficiency, and create an engaging work environment for hybrid teams.


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