Company profile

McAfee worldwide provides preventive, established solutions and services to secure systems and networks and thus protects private users and companies of all sizes against the newest malware and recently appeared online threats. McAfee’s solutions regarding malware, spyware and virus protection are designed to be  combined with security management functionalities in order to provide excellent realtime transparency and analysis, to minimize risks, to ensure compliance and to help companies reach operative efficieny.

Supported by an award-winning research team, the security technologies of McAfee are based on unique foresight capabilities. They rely on McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and enable companies to always be one step ahead of online threats.

Product profile

McAfee’s product portfolio is divided between system protection and network protection. The system protection products guarantee to IT managers, Desktop Support managers and Business Application Managers the availability and safety of desktop and server systems and applications. The network protection products ensure the disposability of the network infrastructure of remote sites and branches through the wide-area-network (WAN) up to the securing of entire data centers.

McAfee’s security products and services cover the following areas:

  • data protection
  • database security
  • e-Mail- and Web-Security
  • protection of end devices
  • protection of mobile devices
  • network security
  • risks and compliance
  • Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • security management
  • security information- and event management (SIEM).

Founded in 1987, McAfee Corporation has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California.


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