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USU Software AG offers software and services for IT and customer service management worldwide since 1977. USU Software AG has its headquarter in Möglingen, Germany. Through the different companies of USU they enable customers to digitize and automate all processes necessary for the planning, design, operation, control, use, and billing of services.

Effective January 28, 2021, USU subsidiary Aspera operates under the single brand name USU. USU is a global market leader in Software Asset Management (SAM), enabling organizations to use SAM solutions for cost-effective software deployment.


We are USU Gold Partner.

USU as part of SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT Managed SAM Services

With our Managed SAM Services, we transparently manage your software portfolio. Our well-established SAM Framework combines organizational, technological, and contractual aspects in an integrated approach.

From a technological perspective, Data collection is not only about software discovery and license management. With on-premises software, companies face a considerable risk of being under-licensed. With the introduction of online services and browser-based applications you need to control and monitor the actual usage to avoid over-licensing. An appropriate platform with a central database is essential.

At the heart of our Managed SAM Services is USU License Management (SmartTrack) as your Data Platform.

With our first-class all-inclusive Managed SAM Services, you will

  • save your time as we relieve you from the management of your software portfolio to focus on your core business
  • save your money through the optimization of your total cost of ownership and efficient management of your online services and software licenses
  • gain full transparency and control over your software and online services assets.

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