Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows

Regarding cyber-attacks, like the recent “WannaCry-Attack”, there are things that can be done around prevention, detection and mitigating risk. Thycotic’s privileged account management keeps ransomware out. Consider software like Thycotic’s Privilege Manager for Windows. It takes away local admin rights and blocks installation unless the “application” is whitelisted, which WannaCry or WannaDecryptor would not be.

What Security Professionals and IT Admins appreciate about Privilege Manager for Windows:

  • Proactive endpoint protection against ransomware and evolving advanced threats
  • Easiest solution for application control and privilege management
  • Enforces least privilege policy without impacting productivity
  • Saves time and reduces help desk calls

For further information about Thycotic’s Privilege Manager and the option for a free trial, please visit:

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