USU License Management 10 available

Effective May 25, 2022, USU License Management 10, a new version of USU Software Asset Management (SAM), is available and is used in our Managed SAM Services.

This release delivers faster, deeper management across the broader IT Asset Management (ITAM) view of data assets such as hardware and hybrid. With this release, the solution focuses on a new central repository for data transformation, data enrichment, and data flow. New connectors for cloud, on-prem and hybrid are supported by its open system architecture. Streamlined dashboards and a consistent look & feel across the portfolio increase the user experience and productivity.

Managed Software Asset Management (SAM) Services by SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT are an all-inclusive service package run by established Software Licensing Experts. It transparently manages your entire software portfolio, saving you money and time, and ensuring the best possible software licensing and compliance at all times. Our recognized approach has set new industry standards and ensures consistent tangible results after a few weeks.

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