Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Effective March 2, 2021, Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) Desktop is available to Windows 10 users at no additional cost.

Microsoft Power Automate is a service for automating workflow across the growing number of apps and Software as a service (SaaS) services that business users rely on.

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop enables users to automate tasks by recording actions such as mouse and keyboard clicks across multiple applications, and then replaying them when needed. Users who then want to share flows across an organization and to take advantage of additional capabilities will need to be licensed with a Power Automate with Attended Robotic Process Automation (RPA) user license.

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Microsoft Power Platform Updates

Microsoft announced some changes to the Power Platform. The key changes are:

  • Microsoft Flow is renamed to Microsoft Power Automate,
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is added for delivering an end-to-end automation solution, and
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are added to allow intelligent AI-powered virtual agents to be created and deployed.

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Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow standalone plans available

Microsoft announced that, effective October 1, 2019, they will offer the following standalone plans: Microsoft PowerApps per App and Microsoft Flow per Business Process.

Microsoft PowerApps per App will allow individual users to run applications for a specific business scenario, while Microsoft Flow per Business Process will enable critical business processes to be implemented with capacity that serves teams, departments or the entire organization. Both seek to make it easier for organizations to get started and scale as their unique needs grow over time, whether that is implementing one scenario or a single business process, without having to purchase unlimited premium plans for all their users.

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