Microsoft 365 Business promotion

Until June 30, 2020 Microsoft is providing a Microsoft 365 Business promotion for eligible customers: 20% off the first year of Microsoft 365 Business subscription (for up to 300 licenses) when purchased through SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT as your Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Provider.

Offer details:

  • Offer is available in CSP only.
  • Product: Microsoft 365 Business (for up to 300 licenses) with annual commitment.
  • Eligible customers: new or existing customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pro Direct Support Promotion

Until May 31st, 2020 Microsoft offers a discount of 55% on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pro Direct Support. As customers renew their agreements, the Microsoft Enhanced Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will no longer be available on the Price List, therefore they can either drop support and use the included level of support or utilize this promo to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pro Direct Support at a discounted price.

This offer is available in the licensing programs according to the categories.

For more information on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 support plans, please visit: