Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit Savings Calculator

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The Azure Hybrid Benefit allows customers with Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance (SA) to use those licenses in Azure to license a base virtual machine for Windows Server.

To identify the potential savings this benefit can offer, please find the Azure Hybrid Benefit Savings Calculator here:

Please note that it still works on Processor-based licenses so if you’ve got Core licenses then divide the number of licenses by 16 when you input the number of existing licenses with SA.

Microsoft Azure Monetary Commitment Changes

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In December 2017, Microsoft introduced two changes to the way Azure Monetary Commitment works in an Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Historically, Monetary Commitment was an amount paid upfront annually for the Azure consumption services which was decremented as services were used, with any unused Monetary Commitment being forfeited at the end of the year. This remains as an “Annually Prepaid Option” but now there’s a “Fully Prepaid Option” too. Under this option a customer pays for 36 months of Monetary Commitment upfront but the funds are available for the whole of the Enrolment term. This means there are also some changes in the minimum amount of Monetary Commitment required: € 3,035.88 under the Enterprise Enrolment and € 30,358.80 under the Server and Cloud Enrolment.

The second change is the removal of the Consumption Allowance: previously customers with a Direct EA could pay for any Azure overage at anniversary if they remained within the Consumption Allowance (50% of the original Monetary Commitment). Now all new and renewing EA customers will pay for overage on a quarterly basis.

Microsoft 365 F1

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Microsoft 365 is all about making it easy to license users for Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) with a single User Subscription License (USL). There’s now a new member of the family – Microsoft 365 F1 which is aimed at “firstline” workers, people in roles that make them the first point of contact between a company and the world it serves.

Microsoft 365 F1 gives access to Office 365 F1, Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and relevant security and management components of EMS. Find a comparison chart of Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1 at the bottom of the announcement page here:

Microsoft 16-Core Pack Licenses available in Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

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In May 2017, Microsoft introduced new 16-Core Pack Licenses for Windows Server, System Center, and Core Infrastructure Suite (CIS) in addition to the existing 2-Core Pack Licenses. For November 2017, Microsoft is expanding these 16-Core Pack Licenses to Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). This new Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) will be a convenient option for customers licensing servers with 16 or fewer cores. It can also serve as an optional base pack for licensing servers with more cores. The 2-Core Pack Licenses will continue to be available, and customers have the choice of two SKUs. There are no changes in the Product Terms and licensing requirements and customers must still license all physical cores on their servers. There is also no difference in pricing between one 16-Core Pack and eight 2-Core Packs.

Adobe Creative Cloud Updates


Adobe announced the next generation of Creative Cloud with updates across all of Creative Cloud – its desktop apps, mobile apps and all its services.

There are five brand new apps coming to Creative Cloud across design, video and photography, a brand new photography service and 3 new photography offerings, plus major updates to all the existing Creative Cloud apps on Desktop and Mobile and the Creative Cloud Community and Marketplace.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for Linux Promotion

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Until June 30th 2018, Microsoft offers a discount of 33% on subscriptions to be deployed in Linux environments. Targeted customer segments include Commercial and Government. This offer applies to New agreements, Renewal agreement Software Assurance (SA) retentions, Renewal agreement add-ons and Mid agreement add-ons in the programs Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) and Worldwide Government Partner (WWGP).