Adobe Stock Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint


The Adobe Stock Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easier to find the perfect image to illustrate your presentations. The Adobe Stock Add-In integrates seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint so you can easily search for images without leaving your presentation. You can search for images by keyword, explore selected collections, or even perform a visual search by uploading an image of your own and having Adobe Stock find something similar. You can preview selected pictures inside your presentations. When you’re ready to license, simply connect to your existing Adobe Stock account or request an offer from SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT.

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Thycotic provides solutions to avoid dreaded Ransomware Message

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Digital assets are very important in today’s world. Every company is dependent on its data. Losing your data means weakening your strength and success as a company. Therefore, this is a very common attack surface for hackers. Even people who know better fall prey to cyber-attacks. And solely changing user behavior will not solve this problem – additionally, technical protection solutions are required.

Luckily there are companies like Thycotic who can protect your data. Thycotic’s cyber security software prevents cyber-attacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints and controlling access.

To find out more about Thycotic, please visit:

Thycotic Privilege Manager for Windows

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Regarding cyber-attacks, like the recent “WannaCry-Attack”, there are things that can be done around prevention, detection and mitigating risk. Thycotic’s privileged account management keeps ransomware out. Consider software like Thycotic’s Privilege Manager for Windows. It takes away local admin rights and blocks installation unless the “application” is whitelisted, which WannaCry or WannaDecryptor would not be.

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Thycotic Secret Server

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Thycotic Secret Server is an enterprise password management software for IT Admins and IT Security Pros. Thycotic Secret Server introduces a fundamental security layer to protect against cyber-attacks that target privileged accounts to get at critical information assets in your organization. It also automates the management and security of your enterprise privileged accounts from a single console, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

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SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT supports SES in digital transformation

Gold Microsoft Partner

We proudly present a video showing how SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT has helped SES with its digital transformation.

SES, a telecommunications company based in Luxembourg, required a modern and flexible work environment, supporting their mobile requirements and keeping their compliance and security on a high level. Watch the video to learn how SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT uses Microsoft WorkSpace to optimize its Software Asset Management (SAM) engagements.

Microsoft Case Study about SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT’s Software Asset Management approach

Gold Microsoft Partner

Microsoft has recently published an article about SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT’s Software Asset Management (SAM) approach.

The article focusses on how we use Microsoft WorkSpace in our Microsoft SAM Baseline engagements. Microsoft WorkSpace allows us to receive exact results which lead to a better understanding of our customers’ license environment. This way, we can always find the best fitted licensing solutions for our customers.

You can download the full article here: SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT and Microsoft WorkSpace Case Study

Or find the Microsoft announcement here:

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT is part of Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C.

Gold Microsoft Partner

We are honored to be a part of Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C. this year. Microsoft Inspire was formerly known as Microsoft World Partner Conference. This event takes place once a year and is a perfect opportunity to connect with partners, Microsoft employees and industry experts. With past attendance exceeding 16.000 people from around the globe, Microsoft Inspire provides a week full of networking, learning and collaboration.

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT’s Licensing & SAM Consultant, Michael Karam was asked to attend the Microsoft Inspire in July 2017. Michael will hold a presentation about our Software Asset Management approach. If you are visiting Microsoft Inspire, don’t miss out his speech “Debunking WorkSpace myths – lessons learned by SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT”.

For more information about Microsoft Inspire, please visit:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Subscription available

Gold Microsoft Partner

Microsoft has launched Visual Studio 2017 Subscription, which replaces Visual Studio with MSDN. The most important change is the fact that the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) moniker has been deemphasized: what used to be called “Visual Studio with MSDN” is now called “a Visual Studio Subscription”. This subscription label may cause confusion because it suggests a lack of perpetual use rights. Fortunately, though, this new offer continues to offer the same perpetual use rights as before. A comparison of the Visual Studio 2015 with MSDN and Visual Studio 2017 Subscription use rights reveals no changes worth mentioning, and pricing has not changed either.

Visit for a detailed overview of the Visual Studio Subscriptions.