Bleift à jour. Liest déi wichtegst Neiegkeeten zur Lizenséierung.

Informéiert Iech iwwer nei Versioune, Promotiounen a wichteg Ännerungen. Bleift ëmmer informéiert, fir déi richteg Entscheedunge fir Är Entreprise treffen ze kënnen.


VMware Aria renaming

Effective August 30, 2022, VMware Aria, a multi-cloud management portfolio, is available and is the new brand for a number of renamed VMware products. VMware Aria provides a set of end-to-end solutions for managing the cost, performance, configuration, and delivery of infrastructure and cloud native applications. Powering VMware Aria is

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Microsoft Windows 365 15 percent post-event promo

Effective September 15, 2022, until December 31, 2022, the Microsoft Windows 365 post-event promo offers a 15 percent discount for customers who purchase 50 or more net-new Windows 365 seats after a qualifying event. The discount, which is only for new purchases, will be valid for the entire subscription term

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Oracle Java 19 available

Effective September 20, 2022, Oracle Java 19 JDK is available. Oracle delivers a new Java Feature releases every six months via a predictable release schedule. Java 17 LTS is the current long-term support release for the Java SE platform. JDK 19 and JDK 17 binaries are free to use in

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TeamViewer price increases

Effective October 1, 2022, TeamViewer products experience price increases due to inflation. Affected products are: TeamViewer Business (10% price increase) TeamViewer Premium (10% price increase) TeamViewer Corporate (7,7% price increase) AddOn Channel (10% price increase) They are applicable to new customers, renewals of licenses, expansions/addons of licenses, and upgrades and

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Microsoft Software Assurance 24×7 Problem Resolution Support Benefit retirement reminder

In April 2022, Microsoft informed that the Software Assurance 24×7 Problem Resolution Support benefit is being fully retired as a Software Assurance benefit – see:×7-problem-resolution-support-benefit-changes/ This notification is to remind you that as of February 1, 2023, no new incidents will be allocated and existing incidents will not be

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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider changes

Effective October 1, 2022, new changes within the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) are being implemented. This concerns Microsoft’s outsourcing and hosting terms. Added customer benefits will enable new scenarios for how they can license and run workloads with Cloud Solution Providers, such as SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT. This excludes so

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Microsoft Windows 365 Business and Enterprise promotions

Until September 30, 2022, promotions on Microsoft Windows 365 Business and on Microsoft Windows 365 Enterprise are available. For Microsoft Windows 365 Business, it enables you to get one user 100% free for one month to try out Windows 365 Business Standard (2vCPU, 8GB, 128GB). For Microsoft Windows 365 Enterprise,

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Microsoft 365 Do More with Less promotion

From September 1, 2022, until June 30, 2023, the Microsoft 365 Do More with Less promotion offers a 16.7% discount off a monthly subscription to new-to-Microsoft 365 customers and existing customers. Affected are the following products: Microsoft 365 Business Basic Microsoft 365 Business Standard Microsoft 365 Business Premium Microsoft 365

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