10 Years Anniversary Celebration


10 Years Anniversary Celebration

Friday, July 8th, 2022


14:00    Early Bird Networking

Finger food & drinks – 1st floor and rooftop (weather permitting)


16:00    10 Years Anniversary Celebration keynote


16:30    Networking dinner with live piano music
Grill buffet & drinks


18:00    Raphael Loopro: One Man One Band
Raphael Loopro is a unique musical experience.
Multiple languages combined with the ability to play several
different instruments all brought together through a loopstation.
Raphael creates a world of music all on his own.

Cocktails (also non-alcoholic)  


20:00    DJ FTC and Fresh&Funky: Analog music in a digital world
DJ FTC and Fresh&Funky play the best of soul & funk music –
all from original vinyl records.
Known for the legendary Madison Flair & Groove nights in Trier.
Leave your ties at home and bring your dance shoes – the party starts here!


22:00    Late snack


00:00    Midnight snack


Please use the parking area at the rear of our office building with more than 50 parking spots.

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