Microsoft 365 Scheduler Per User available

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Effective June 9, 2021, Microsoft 365 Scheduler Per User is available.

Scheduler enables users to delegate their scheduling tasks to a digital personal assistant – Cortana, including scheduling appointments and meetings with internal and external attendees.

To use Scheduler, cc: Cortana in an email with other people and ask to schedule a meeting by letting Cortana know your meeting needs in the body of the email. You can tell Cortana the duration, timing, or location, or simply say “Find a time for us.”, and since Cortana understands natural language, there are no special commands to use.

Scheduler service is available worldwide, but language support will be limited to English.

Microsoft 365 Scheduler can be licensed through Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Volume License (VL).

For more information on Microsoft 365 Scheduler, please visit:

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