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How can you best protect your cloud deployments from attacks? How do you incorporate security practices for cloud systems that may be different from on-premises systems and different between cloud service providers?

That’s where the power of a managed platform as a service (PaaS) with integrated cloud security comes in. Azure App Service provides native security integration with Defender for App Service in Microsoft Defender for Cloud to help protect multicloud and hybrid environments with comprehensive security across the full lifecycle, from development to runtime.


Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a unified cloud-native application protection platform that helps strengthen your security posture, enables protection against modern threats, and helps reduce risk throughout the cloud application lifecycle across multicloud and hybrid environments.


What are the benefits of Microsoft Defender for Cloud?

  • Unified visibility of your security posture across Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and hybrid clouds.
  • Real-time security access and prioritization of the most critical risks with context-aware cloud security.
  • Integrated extended detection and response (XDR) solution across multicloud workloads to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.
  • Centralized insights across multipipeline and multicloud DevOps to improve application development security.


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