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Symantec is a worldwide leading provider of security, storage and system management solutions that assist organisations and private users in the securing and management of their data. Among Symantec customers are private consumers and small companies as well as the largest global organisations. Symantec helps them to safeguard themselves against more risks in more issues in a more comprehensive an efficent way than any other company. Symantec focuses on the eliminiation of risks regarding information, technologies and processes, regardless of devices, platforms, interaction or sites.

On November 4, 2019, the Enterprise software division of Symantec was acquired by Broadcom. Hence, Symantec is now Broadcom’s cyber security division.

Product profile

The comprehensive product portfolio in the domaines content and network security as well as security appliances includes Client, Gateway and Server security solutions for virus protection, firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network), weak point management, Intrusion Detection, internet- and e-mail-filters as well as technologies for the remote management and security services  for companies and service providers all over the world.

Licensing models

Symantec offers – among others – the following licensing models:

  • Express offers a purchase option with quantity discounts and without complicated contracts
  • Rewards offers even larger discounts and the possibility to consolidate the overall expenses of associated companies
  • Government is tailored especially to the needs of government administrations.

We are Broadcom CA Authorized Partner.

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